General GYm

Absolutely! All Roar members get access to both clubs.

No you do not- unless stated all of our memberships are ongoing and tick over weekly once your term finishes at the same rate you secured at the start (even if prices have gone up).

We sure do! Our rates depend on your swing – just bring in a roster and we can assist.

No, you do not have to book in for any of the group fitness classes however we do recommend coming 5-10 minutes early in the event it is a busy class to avoid missing out.

Yes we do, bring in your student ID and we can help with this.

We have a big range of apparel – come and check it out at either club during staffed hours.

We welcome all feedback- in club we have feedback boxes near reception or alternatively- please email us at either club.

Simply pop in to reception and fill out a suspension form. It costs just $5 a week to put your membership on hold and can be done for up to 3 months per calendar year.

Come and see us during staffed hours or give us a ring at either club and we can assist! Alternatively, Debit Success can also update your account details for you on 1800-148-848.

Casual visits are $20 and entitles you to any group fitness class and/or use of all gym facilities within staffed hours.

We like to be flexible and have heaps of kids that come in and train with their parents during staffed hours. From 17 and up you can train 24/7 – any younger than that just come have a chat with us and we will assist.

Crush Café at Cockburn is open Monday to Thursday 6am to 7pm, Friday 6am to 2pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm. Crush Café at Canning Vale is open Monday to Thursday 8am to 7pm, Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturday 8am to 12pm.

We are staffed at both locations Monday to Thursday 8am – 7pm, Friday 8am – 4pm and Saturday 8am – 12pm.

All our group fitness classes shown on the group fitness timetable are included in the membership with the exception of jiu-jitsu. CrossFit, BJJ and Pole Fitness are extra however feel free to register for a free trial with us at reception or online.

We offer replacement bands for $40- please see reception at either club during staffed hours and we can assist.

No of course not! Anyone is welcome in our healthy café, the more the merrier. Let’s face it… Perth is an amazing city but one thing missing is more options for healthy juices, smoothies and treats. Our café operates 6 days a week from 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 7am-12pm on Saturday and we offer protein smoothies (pre and post workout), fresh made juices, coffees, healthy treats, raw foods and frozen prepped meals.


Absolutely not! Our classes are designed to be completely scalable, so you’re able to work at your own speed, your own weights, everything. You do it your way. With our Wodify member management system it is easy to keep track of what weight you are currently using for what exercise. This way you can keep track of your progress and ensure you are always bettering yourself.

HAHA, everyone crawls before they walk. Do you think Craig Lowndes or Peter Brock started out on the V8 Supercar tour? They stalled out, bunny hopped and scraped how many curbs when they started? You need to start somewhere, and you will be better tomorrow than you are today, you will know more in an hour than you do now. It’s all about getting started! You might not do it the first time or the first week or the first month! But, it will happen. Its not a competition between you and the person your standing next to, the only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday. We use resistance bands similar to the assisted dip machine on the main floor. They effectively reduce your body weight, so that you can easily perform a pull up and you gradually reduce the size and strength of the band, until you can knock out the holy grail of an unassisted pull-up.

Don’t be afraid! Once you have finished our fundamentals classes its an all in, first in, first serve class schedule. You will need to book in via our members portal using the Wodify app which we will set up for you. You will be with different people every time. This is the beauty of CrossFit and WOD training. We will scale the exercise to suit your fitness level. It’s a great motivator if your doing a WOD with one of our skilled competition athletes’. Its a great way to push yourself. You should always try to find someone better then yourself or more advanced to train with. A runner will always run harder and push harder if they are chasing someone. “Like greyhounds after rabbits, push yourself!”

CrossFit beginners are placed in our Fundamentals class. In Fundamentals, we cover the basic movements you will perform in All Levels of Workouts and slowly introduce you to the high intensity. You must complete 3 Fundamental classes before you are allowed access to our kick ass CrossFit box. Fundamentals run fortnightly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:30pm. Your safety is our number one priority, so we keep these sessions limited to 10 people at any one time. If you wish to have a 1 on 1 session this can be arranged. If you are shy or unsure if you would like this sort of class, ask us about one on one fundamentals to ease into the sport. Check out the pricing for the Fundamental classes and memberships by talking to one of our team members at any time!

Our 60-minute long classes are carefully programmed to keep you safe and healthy. Each day we complete what is a called a WOD — a workout of the day. They’re all structured the same way, but each day includes different techniques and lifts or cardio movements. Every day is different and every workout is varied, we don’t do the same exercise routines too close together. The workout doesn’t change from person to person, all movements are kept the same, It is the scaling of the exercise that changes. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions. Stop any of us, at any time. Its designed for any fitness level!

At Roar Fitness 247 and RFX CrossFit our classes are programmed specifically to ensure that you’re safe and having fun the entire time. Our coaches preach safety and technique above all else, and they will work with you to ensure you only do what you feel ready to do. If a coach sees that you are competing for time in disregard for technique you will be stopped. If you continue to show disregard for technique and are seen to be training dangerously you will be removed from the CrossFit box and made to conduct fundamental classes again, before regaining access to the facility.

Wear comfortable workout clothes and sneakers. Bring a water bottle and a small towel. As you progress through classes, you may choose to bring additional items, but that’s all you need to start out.

Infrared Sauna

Our infrared saunas are available for use during staffed hours and are open to members and non-members at a rate of $20 and $30 per session respectively. Infrared differs from the traditional steam saunas; click here for all the wonderful benefits.

Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome in our Far Infra Red Saunas. Members do get discounts and priority over bookings, so it is worth talking to a membership consultant about our competitive prices and options available.

Absolutely! We have 2 and 3 person saunas available. It is easier to sauna with a friend as you have someone to sit and chat with to take your mind off the heat!

We have had very good results in our saunas who suffer from this due to the dry nature, no humidity and windows looking onto a beautiful environment. The sounds of nature and natural aromatherapy scents that fill the room also help to calm sufferers. Asthma sufferers and others with illnesses of this nature also find the environment very soothing and therapeutic.

Absolutely! The beauty of infrared is that its completely dry with no humidity! You can take a book in with you, use your phone or take an iPad and watch a movie while you sweat out your 1000 calories! This makes it very easy to breath and cope with the heat.

We recommend beach wear. You will be sweating up a storm so the less you wear the more comfortable you will be. You will be in your own sauna unless you choose to bring a friend or partner to your session. We give you a towel to sit on but you must bring your own towel to dry off or shower with on completion of your session. Bring a water bottle and remember to stay hydrated during your session..

A session is 45 minutes, however you may need to work up to this long. Some people may only be able to do 30 minutes at a time until they build the stamina for a full session.