Roar Fitness 247 is a holistic fitness centre. But what does that mean you ask? It means that we believe in the connection between the body, mind and spirit. And by ‘spirit’ we not making a reference to anything religious but rather the essence of who you are and how you feel about yourself.

We believe that the body, mind and spirit are not independent of one another.  They are intertwined so what affects one, affects the others. Simply stated, an active body, creates a healthy mind which results in greater appreciation of one’s self.

Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, all of which apply equally to the new mother as at any other stage of life. Including, assistance with weight loss, increased strength, social interaction and psychological wellbeing. However; for new mum’s exercise after birth has the added benefit of being able to fasten recovery and assist with pregnancy related muscle stretching and toning.

It’s hard to think about adding another thing to your schedule as a new mum, between the sleepless nights, feeds and in many instances tending to your other children but in fact, there is nothing better than a little endorphin rush to boost your energy to tackle your to-do-list.

That’s why we offer no-cost, mums and bubs fitness classes at Roar!

Not to forget, research also proves that exercise during the first three months of giving birth also reduces the likelihood of post natal depression and improves a mother’s well-being. So, it’s not just the team at Roar who believe in the connection of the body, mind and spirit it’s a scientific fac!

Our mums and bubs fitness classes are offered to both members and local mothers as part of our community initiative. These classes are 100% free and run twice a week between both the Cockburn and Canning Vale centres. View timetable

These 1hr classes have been specifically designed with consideration to the bodies recent undertakings and use movements to improve strength and toning. Using your baby as your body weight this is also a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby and meet other local mothers to share your experience and journey with.

Both Fitness Centres offer onsite creche facilities for older children. Bookings Essential.

When can you start exercising after birth?

Gentle exercise (such as walking) can generally be started as soon as you feel comfortable after giving birth. Start when you feel up to it.

Generally, six weeks after giving birth, most of the changes that occur during pregnancy will have returned to normal. If you had a caesarean birth, a difficult birth, or complications, it may take a little longer to be ready to introduce a frequent fitness regime so you’re always best to consult your doctor before you come and join a class.

For more program specific information please contact our Group Fitness Director, Tahnee