How busy mums can keep up their fitness goals while looking after their little ones

Finding time to fit in a workout here and there as a mum is a lot easier said than done. Getting some ‘alone time’, even just for a few hours a week can seem near on impossible! So why not just include them? Your workout out doesn’t have to be alone! There are heaps of ways to get your kids involved with you, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone to look after them while you workout.

Group Fitness Classes

With so much variety out there, it feels like there is a group fitness class for everyone and every occasion! There are heaps of group fitness classes specifically for designed for mums and kids.

One of these is right here at Roar! Our Mums & Bubs class is designed specifically for mothers and their babies. Use the weight of your little one while focusing on functional movement and body weight exercises to get you into shape. Best of all these classes are free and we welcome both members and non-members.


If you are looking for an even more intensive workout then consider using your gyms creche. Here at Roar we have an onsite Creche, where you can drop your little ones off for up to two hours while you use the gym. Allowing you the time to get your workout and then get straight back to your day without having to worry about finding a babysitter. This will also give your kids time to socialise with others and make friends with some of the other little cubs in our Roar Family.

Kids Fitness Classes

If your kids are old enough consider enrolling them in their own sports activities or fitness classes. Signing your kids up for classes will keep your kids fit, active and occupied while you sneak in a quick workout yourself! Here are some of the classes on offer at Roar 247:

  • Kid Fit Program
    Group based fitness programs offering a fantastic way to introduce kids to a regular exercise regime. When done in a motivating, fun and support environment, children thrive as they combine FUN, FITNESS and SPORTS DEVELOPMENT. Free for Roar Fitness 247 Member’s kids. Only $5 p/child for Non-Members. Ages 5-10 year. Contact your local club today to find out more.
  • Kids Swimming Classes
    From the young to the old, we facilitate group swimming lessons. Learn more by contacting a friendly consultant today or step into the facility closest to you.
  • RFX CrossFit Kids Program
    CrossFit Kids is specifically designed for the developmental needs of children from 3 years old through to teens. Games and workouts are used to develop agility, coordination, balance, speed, flexibility and strength with constant variety ensuring engagement. Kids will also enjoy the benefits of learning group work – not to mention the feeling of success from their own achievements. Available at Cockburn and Canning Vale only.

Exercise as A Family

If you don’t belong to a gym or you simply can’t find time to get out of the house during the week, then perhaps you should tailor your family time activities to be more physical. For example, consider implementing a family hike every Sunday afternoon, or going to the park to play soccer or have a run around. This will ensure that every member of the family stays fit and healthy, while having fun and creating stronger bonds.

Workouts at Home

Lastly, if you can’t find any time to get out of the house at all during the week and weekend, then why not bring the workout inside? There’s a variety of home workouts that you can do right in your living room with-out having access to specialised equipment. HIIT workouts are a perfect example. Not only are they short but they don’t require any equipment and are extremely effective (read more).

Moves such as star jumps, squats, lunge jumps, push-ups and high knees, (the list goes on) are just some examples of moves that can be easily done as part of your home workout. The beauty of HIIT workouts is that they can be as short as 7 minutes! Making them ideal for anyone who is extremely time poor and looking to work up a sweat. You could easily do some of these while watching TV with your kids, or while they are taking a nap. You can check out some of our Roar HIIT workouts on Youtube.

If you can’t leave the kids to work out, then consider including them in your fitness routine! Finding time to work out as a mum is vital not just for yourself, but for your entire family. Be the strongest mum you can be with Roar Fitness!