A: Teams of 3
30/20 Cal. Assault Bike (each)
150 Wall Balls 9/6kg 10′
30 Power Cleans*
150 Wall Balls9/6kg 10′
30/20 Cal. Assault Bike (each)

*Power Cleans
RX 70/50kg
RX+ 100/70kg

* Partner 1 starts on the bike, once he or she completes the AB they start chipping away at 150 Wall Balls. When Partner 2 and 3 finish they may advance to wall balls and assist Partner 1. Once WB are complete then all 3 athletes work on 30 PC. After completion of the PC its just reverse order back to WB and then Cal. AB. *


A: Ring Dips (4 x 10; rest 1-1:30)

B: 10:00 EMOM Kipping

C: 8:00 AMRAP
10 Burpees over row 300m row

D: V-ups (50 reps; not for time; rest as needed)