A: Teams of 2

40 Alt Pistols (Weighted KB 12/8kg)
40 Ring Dips (Weighted 8/4kg)
40 Power Snatch 60/40kg
400m Partner Carry

30 Alt Pistols (Weighted KB 16/12kg)
30 Ring Dips (Weighted DB 12.5/6kg)
30 Power Snatch 70/45kg
300m Partner Carry

20 Alt Pistols (Weighted KB 20/16kg)
20 Ring Dips (Weighted DB 20/12.5kg)
20 Power Snatch 80/50kg
200m Partner Carry

Olympic Lifting

A: Hang Snatch

Work to a heavy single then do 3 x 2 drop sets – 10kg
*Hang from knee height

B: Front Squat + Jerk

*Increase 2.5-5kg per week

C: Deficit Deadlift

*Work from a 3-4 inch deficit
*Start @ 60%
*Increase 2.5-5kg each week

CrossFit Teens

A: Sumo Deadlift + Bench Press

Sumo Deadlift
Bench Press
10rm, 7rm, 5rm, 3rm

*Start a new set every 3:00

B: For time

50 Back Squat 40%
800m Run
40 Back Squat 50%
600m Run
30 Back Squat 60%
400m Run
20 Back Squat 70%
200m Run