A: Partner WOD For Time:

60 Over Unders
80 Bench Press 80/50kg
100 Syncro Double Unders
80 Back Squats 80kg
60 Burpee DB Box Overs 24/20″ 25/17.5kg

Ankles, Calves, TFL and Glutes

A. Plantar Fascia ball smash 3:00 P/S
B. Tibialis Posterior Smash 3:00 P/S
C. Partner calf smash fest 2:00 P/S
D. Distracted ankle Mob 2:00 P/S
E. Glute med and TFL Smash 5:00 P/S
F. Distracted Pigeon Pose 3:00 P/S
G. 10:00 Squat Hold