A: 5:00 AMRAP

HSPU Density Test

B: AGOQ Workout 2; 4 Rounds for time

25 C2B Pull-ups
5 Cleans 111kg/77kg

C: Bulgarian Split Squat

3 x 12 each side
*Alternating sides on the minute. Hold DB’s by sides

Olympic Lifting

A: Halt Clean

*Work @ 75%
*Increase 2.5-5kg per week

B: Back Squat

*Work @ 70%
*Increase 2.5-5kg per week

C: Push Jerk

*Work @ 65%
*Increase 2.5-5kg per week

Quick Fit

A: 3 x 1000m Run; Rest 4:00

B: 3 Rounds for time

50 Squats
500m Row

C: 4 sets of Max UB V-ups; Rest 1:30