What is Roar Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness is an increasingly popular fitness alternative enjoyed by men and women of all ages. Roar Pole Fitness incorporates resistance training as you are carrying your body weight on your arms and legs as you lift or spin around a pole as well as an upper body workout requiring you to develop your core muscles to be able to do more advanced moves. Pole fitness is a great all-body work out but in particular an incredible core workout! It will help you build core strength like no other workout can – just take note of the professional and advanced polers… they have super strong abs because of the intensity of the exercise and the demands that poling has from your core for those advanced moves. Roar Pole Fitness will help you build strength, fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and balance. You get to improve your dance skills and get fitter at the same time – it’s really great fun!

Like all types of dancing, pole fitness gives you a cardiovascular workout, which raises your heart rate and helps burns fat. Participating in pole fitness on a consistent basis will contribute to overall improvements in balance, stability, posture, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, confidence, body awareness and most importantly- EMPOWERMENT.

Class Description

Pole Stretch and Splits

Want to make your pole moves look bold yet elegant? Stretch and splits focuses on improving overall flexibility which will help you move around the pole with ease as well as improve your lines. Your instructor will guide you through a dynamic warm up, release work and stretches targeting specific muscle groups, followed by partner stretches and splits. Please wear yoga attire and socks plus bring a yoga mat.

No prerequisites, casual bookings welcome.

Beginner Pole 1

The Beginner Pole 1 course is run over an 8 week term where your experienced instructors will progress you through various moves starting from the ground up. Beginner Pole 1 is taught on a static pole and you will learn 18 beginner pole, dance and floor moves. You will also learn how to incorporate these moves, which tighten and tone your body, into your very first routine. This term is all about building your strength, confidence and the basic moves of pole while gaining a fun full body work-out designed for women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Prerequisite: all fitness levels welcome

Beginner Pole 2

Now that you have an understanding of the basic spins and moves in pole, this 8 week term is all about progressing and building on those skills – but with a spinning pole! The classes are designed over an 8 week program similar to Beginner Pole 1. Over the 8 weeks, instructors will progress you through building on what you have learned and adding more advanced spins, lifts and climbs. You will learn to incorporate these moves into a new routine by the end of the 8 weeks as you are on your way to intermediate poling.

Prerequisite: Beginner Pole 1

Pole Level 1

Now that you have built a foundation with spins and climbs on static and spinning poles, it’s time to go upside down! The focus of Level 1 is building strength and confidence in inverting, as well as challenging your upper body and core strength with bold moves such as layouts, wrist sits and cup grip exercises. Over the 8 weeks your instructors will progress you through a range of moves on static and spinning poles as well as teach you a fun routine featuring Level 1 moves.

Prerequisite: Beginner Pole 2

Pole Level 2

Now that you are confident with inverting, Level 2 will build your strength and technique with moves that progress from an invert such as leg hangs, caterpillar and butterfly. Your instructors will introduce elbow and handstands, as well as range of exciting fast spins. Both static and spinning poles will be used during this level, with moves incorporated into a fun routine over the 8 term.

Prerequisite: Level 1

Pole Level 3

Level 3 will build your confidence in inverting and manoeuvring up the pole. Over the 8 week term your strength and flexibility will be challenged with moves such as knee holds, static V and splits up and around the pole. As many advanced pole moves are derived from skills learnt in Level 3, your instructors will focus on developed your strength and technique. Moves learnt will be incorporated into a dynamic, stamina-building routine.

Prerequisite: Level 2

Pole Level 3+

Now that you have mastered Level 3 moves it’s time to become confident at transitioning between these moves in challenging combos. You will learn pole combos on both static and spinning pole as well as exciting floor work and/or dance transitions.

Prerequisite: Level 3

Pole Level 4

Now that you have a range of foundation moves under your belt, it’s time to take it to the next level! Expect to be challenged with advanced leg holds, elbow grips, inverts and hand springs. Your instructor will break down technique and spot you to increase your confidence with these advanced moves. Over the term you will learn a fun and dynamic routine highlighting your newly learnt skills.

Prerequisite: Level 3+

Pole Level 5

This is our most advanced class. Expect to be challenged with the latest tricks, grips and flips whilst learning an exciting routine.

Prerequisite: Level 4


Roar Pole Fitness courses

$275 for 12
$330 for 16


Pole courses run for 8 weeks.

Want to book into more than 1 class?

Exciting news!! The more you pole the cheaper it gets with your second class at half price for just $110!!

Stretch and Splits

Bookings open through the term, book a course or casual visit. Open for pole and non pole students.

How to Book

Please see attached document on how to book through our Mind Body online booking system. 🙂

Missed Classes?

If you are unable to attend a class please cancel out of your booking a minimum of 2 hours before the class is due to start. Then you can rebook that class credit during the pole term for another same or lower level class. Pole class credits can also be used for stretch and splits.

Transferring from another studio and not sure what level you are?

Come and do a half hour one on one assessment with one of our Instructors for only $35

Practice Time

Available on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoon, all bookings and payments in your mind body account. Practice time is only available for currently enrolled students and is $10.

Private Lessons

Learn better one on one and prefer the studio all to yourself? Book a private session with one of our highly qualified instructors today. 1 on 1 is $100, 2 on 1 is $120 and 3 on 1 is $150 for a max 3 people.

Pole Parties/Girls nights

Have an upcoming birthday party, hens night or just want to get the girls together for a great night out why not book something new to try? The session will go for an hour and a half and will consist of teaching you some cool pole moves, put a routine together and finish with the instructor doing a performance for you while leaving enough time for you to get some cool photos of your night.

Cost $35 per person; minimum 6 people. Minimum charge is $210 if you have less than 6 people.

Trial Class

A trial is a 60 minute beginner 1 class. Learn 4 awesome moves and a start of the term routine. Classes are $10 and free for roar gym members. Bookings using our online booking program mind body are essential. For more details please email or give us a call.