Hey I’m Alex. I’m an extremely passionate Personal Trainer on all aspects health and fitness. I pride myself on being at the forefront of the industry and constantly educate myself from the best of the best. I have been lucky enough to learn from some of the worlds best trainers including Charles Poliquin, Eugene Teo, Luke Leaman, John Meadows, Mark Ottobre, Layne Norton to name a few. Im constantly on the lookout on how to better myself and my practices. These courses have covered everything from program design, nutrition, fat loss, muscle gain, gut health, hormonal imbalances, muscle facia release (kinetic chain), muscle activation, competition preparation, strength and fitness. So what ever your goal is, or what ever your experience is, I’m sure i can help you achieve your goals and more. AREA OF EXPERTISE: -competition preparation -fat loss -muscle gain/bodybuilding -nutrition & supplementation -bio print consultations EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS: -cert 3 -cert 4 -master trainer -Bio Print practitioner -Poliquin: -optimal program design – advanced strength design – kinetic chain enhancement -Muscle Nerds: Level 1 trainer -John Meadows: 3day bodybuilding training -Eugene Teo: -Muscle Mechanics Level 1 – Back Muscle Activation – Competition Prep. Contact Alex on: 0400201778 or flexbodybuildingandfitness@outlook.com.au