I have a background that has largely revolved around the participation in sports and have during this time found my calling within the fitness industry. I have represented my state in both Baseball and AFL and was also a member of the Melbourne Storm under 18’s team where I played with current stars of the NRL. Playing sport at an elite level has exposed me to leading strength & conditioning methods that I know will benefit everyone I work with. My journey in health and fitness along with my ongoing pursuit to continually challenge and develop myself has naturally lead me to that of helping others realise their true potential, there is no better way to learn and grow yourself than to help others discover and experience the same. I fully encourage you to unleash yourself and experience that feeling of achieving goals and to be the ‘best you can be.’
  • Transformation Program
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Volume Training
  • General Fitness
Contact Duane on: 0433 462 461 or Butlerduane12@gmail.com