Coach Cassidy Crew “Improving the health and fitness industry one exercise professional at a time” Coach Cassidy Crew was created in 2008 by Nathan Cassidy. Nathan has operated as an independent trainer over the last 7 years. During this time, he had also successfully managed 2 gyms and been a managing director of another. All while continuing to study and run greatly successful training programs and sessions for his clients. In 2011, Nathan had a vision. After witnessing the large amount of under educated and under prepared trainers in the health and fitness industry he decided he wanted to be apart of a change that improved this. His vision was to improve the quality of the health and fitness industry through trainer education and mentor support. This was with the goal of delivering a high quality service to all that sought out the guidance, knowledge and support of the Coach Cassidy Crew. This was made difficult by Nathan operating out of centres (gyms) that didn’t have the ability or facilities to support his vision. He would build and run teams of 1-2 trainers at any 1 time. But this wasn’t enough and Nathan wanted to see his vision and goals for the industry really take off and make a difference in as many lives as possible. In 2016, Nathan had finally found the right place to call the home of The Coach Cassidy Crew, “Roar Fitness 247” and could finally make his vision a reality. Nathan’s vision and focus now is to support and build his team with in Roar Fitness 247