Tell us about your past in terms of health and fitness prior to joining Roar Fitness and training with Mike?

Prior to joining Roar Fitness I attended another local gym and mainly participated in group fitness classes. I was still battling to lose the weight I had gained over 5 pregnancies and lacked confidence with regards to weight-based training and understanding how to string together a workout on the gym floor. I stuck to cardio because it was the ‘safe’ option, even though my results were slow.

What brought you into Roar Fitness and what was your initial experience like of the club?

I made the decision to move to Roar Fitness when Mike announced he was moving. At that stage i had been following Mikes’ programming for 6 months, and was really excited and motivated by the results I’d already achieved and very keen to push it further! The facilities on offer at Roar made the choice to move an easy one, the staff and atmosphere have been amazing since day one!

Elaborate on your fitness transformation so far, what are your achievements and how did you get there?

Since training with Mike, I have completely changed not only my physique, but my entire outlook on training and life in general. I have gone from being overweight with zero self-confidence, to competing on stage as a Powerlifter – something i never would have considered possible 12 months ago! For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin – that feeling is priceless.

How has working with Mike as a PT helped you to get to where you are now?

Training with Mike has taught me that there are no limits. He has knowledge well beyond his years and knows exactly how to push me past the point where I want to give up. His programming ensures I know exactly what I need to get done so I’m not wasting time second-guessing myself. This combined with a detailed nutrition plan has got me both lighter and leaner than I was as a teenager!

What would you say to someone looking at joining Roar Fitness?

Roar is the place to be! The facilities are second to none and the atmosphere is great. I can’t rave enough about the Creche, as most mums would agree this is a huge factor we consider – and it makes training so much easier knowing my kids are enjoying themselves.

What would you say to someone considering Mike to help them reach their fitness goals?

Mike is amazing. He has the knowledge and passion to help anyone who comes to him achieve and exceed their goals. You will not find a more committed trainer.

What are your fitness goals from here?

My goals moving forward are to continue competing in Powerlifting and improve my numbers. I am also very keen to keep developing my physique and prove that having babies doesn’t mean you can’t have a bikini body! I have no doubt that Mike will continue to push me and help me achieve my goals.

Mike Thornton

Personal Trainer
Strength and Conditioning Coach
0414 893 170