After having a bad run of meningitis, 3 broken vertebrae, two major surgeries and feeling like my body was forever trying to kill me, I knew it was time to get up and move. After getting the ok from neurosurgeons and other specialist, I was not about to take my choice of gym and especially PT lightly. I did my homework and spoke to many people, visited many gyms and silently observed. I had seen Benji taking PT clients of varying ages, abilities and fitness levels. Like a slightly creepy stalker, I listened and watched to gain an unbiased opinion. It didn’t take me long to 110% know for sure this was the PT for me.

I had PT’s before and had been a member of a gym for many years. I had been on a plateau of fitness for all of those years, wondering why there was never a change. It literally took one session with Benji to realise I had been doing pretty much everything wrong! Aaargghh all that wasted money and years previous!! He showed me the correct technique on everything in the gym and taught me so much more in the way of new movements/exercises. So you can teach an old dog new tricks after all.

I feel so much more confident in the gym and the results have been amazing. Benji, through PT and a great programme, has helped me to reduce my body fat % and gain muscle. I had been trying to do this for so long and in a short period Benji got me there. Through PT I have been able to achieve what I had started to think was impossible. The whole time Benji has been incredible with understanding some of the limitations I have yet pushing me to believe in myself. When I think I am at my limits, he gently pushes me to a new limit. Benji has the best sense of humour, sense of respect, knowledge and a level of genuine caring that I haven’t seen before in a PT. I truly look forward to PT and Boxing each and every week, not just for the fitness but also for the happy head space and confidence I get.