My name is Jenni I am 34 years old, a mum of 3, a FIFO wife and I own and run a small gym wear business.

I have always been a gym member but never got the results or dedication I wanted.  Shortly after joining Roar I saw a Facebook post about a 28 Day RFX Crossfit challenge. I was feeling so down on myself and so exhausted so I thought why not what have I got to lose (except weight and body fat). So I signed up to it!

Entering the Crossfit room for the first time was such a daunting feeling as I had never done a session in my life! But pretty quickly I learnt that everyone was there to support you. I loved that there was an option for everything so you never felt hopeless in the classes. The coaches are just amazing!!!!

My energy levels sored and my motivation went sky high so I became hooked really quickly.

Looking at my before and after pictures I actually feel so proud for the first time in a really long time. It is all onwards and upwards for me now and I look forward to continuing on as an RFX Crossfit member.

If you get the chance to take this challenge jump at it because chances are it will change your life and your whole outlook as it has for me.

Remember to take progress pictures as they really do motivate you to keep up your awesome work.

Set your goals and crush them!